martedì 24 settembre 2013

Black Sabbath Learn To Play DVD CHITARRA IMPARARE war pigs

BLACK SABBATH, Lick Library: Learn To Play DVD

Publisher: Licklibrary
Format: DVD
Artist: Danny Gill
Learn five Sabbath tracks note for note. This superb DVD teaches you the riffs that made Sabbath the heaviest band or their era! Tracks include:

- Sweet Leaf
-  War Pigs
-  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
- Iron Man
- Paranoid


Learn the monster riffs, wailing leads and thundering chords that laid the foundations for metal as we know it, as Danny Gill presents five songs by Black Sabbath.

In this unique tutorial DVD, Gill provides a note-by-note guide to the innovative and hugely influential guitar playing of Tony Iommi. Get a close look at Iommi's celebrated technique as you learn every detail of five skull-crushing Sabbath classics, including the songs Sabbath Bloody SabbathIron Man and Paranoid.

€ 38.99

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